Please excuse the bad graphic, I honestly didn’t know what to put. Anyways, this follow forever is going to have a bit more meaning to me because it’s going to be my last one. I’ve decided that right now I have too much going on and as much as it pains me, I don’t have time to be a rp helper. 

This community is honestly one of the best things on the internet. Regardless of who ships who or someones opinion on something, everyone sticks together. I know if I was having a bad day, there was probably someone or something on the dash that made me smile. And for that a million thanks. I don’t want to drag this any longer but yeah, I suppose this is a farewell. 

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ED SHEERAN LYRICS; Under the cut contains lyrics from some of Ed Sheeran’s less popular songs. These lyrics can be used for bios, inspiration, etc.

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As long as we have each other, we’re both gonna be okay.


Herrieservices presents gradient 02 - Jolly Ranchers!

Their is a total of 3 gradients, pretty much simple, mainly dealing with 3 colors. It’s dark blue orientated. I hope you enjoy them and love them as much as I do. It would be rad if helpers reblogged this. And like if you download, a like would be great but it is not needed. Enjoy!

[[ 4 S h a r e d ]]